Wednesday, August 20, 2008

If you don't like it here, try...

Here, when developments impact existing homeowners, we make much effort to ensure the impact is minimized and to mitigate for negative impacts. A commercial development going up near a neighborhood, for example, might be approved with the condition that screening be provided by planting trees or shrubs between the properties.

Public hearings and appeals are built into the process to protect the rights of other property owner and enable mitigation for the aggrieved. Even some who recognize the importance of such process for protection of individual property rights sometimes express frustration for the "delays" that the public hearing and appeals process introduce.

I'll take lengthy public hearing and appeals process any day, however, over this situation: in Beijing, two elderly women seeking a legal process to protest the demolition of their homes for Olympics related development were sent to re-education labor camp, the New York Times reported.

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