Friday, September 3, 2010

Parking key factor in Library expansion

As the Hopkinton Public Library looks to expand, parking has emerged as a key factor in identifying a new site. To qualify for state funding, any proposed site must meet the state mandated number of parking spaces.

Which location would you choose for the library expansion?

Current location? - Work with the town to provide a multi-level parking garage across the streetbehind Town Hall to meet library parking requirements, and expand the existing building onto library owned property on Church Street.

    • Center School? - If the town votes to fund a new multi-million dollar school and Center School closes, and is no longer used as a school, convert Center School into a community center that includes a new library. Convert the playground and field behind Center School into a parking lot for a new library.

    • Wherever it fits? - Buy any lot of suitable size to accommodate building, in the downtown, or anywhere in town.

  • Want what you got?- Some say we should learn to like what we have, a historic space in the center of town that is small but works for those who use it.

    The mansions at 25 and 35 Main Street? - Work with current owners of these historic properties to explore purchasng the buildings for the library, and use the space behind the
    mansions (the site of the once proposed Hopkinton Village Center) to accommodate the parking.

    What ideas do you have for the library? Whatever your thoughts, mark your calendar for next Tuesday, September 9th, to learn more.

    Public Forum on Library Expansion, Tuesday September 9th, 2010:

    What are the library plans? What are your thoughts? Find out at a public forum next Tuesday, September 7th, 2010, at the Hopkinton Fire Station second floor meeting room.

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