Thursday, April 28, 2011

Center School maintenance, repairs and upgrades

Center School repairs are needed now. Over the past 10 years, the School administration has invested minimally in maintenance and upgrades at Center, in hopes that the town would be approving a new $40M school this year. The $40M new school proposal resoundingly failed to pass, and our students will continue to use Center School for the foreseeable future if not longer.

Repairs such as connecting the new boiler to the heating ventilation system have been postponed because they are "difficult to complete in the 8-10 weeks available over a summer." But the alternative (having a new boiler but not having heat in some rooms) is not acceptable to many. Likewise, drafty windows can be repaired and replaced, with grant money available for energy efficient upgrades. Now that we know we will be in Center School for the foreseeable future if not longer, we have work to do to catch up on repairs, maintenance and upgrades that have been postponed over the past 10 years.

MetroWest Daily News article: Residents raise concerns, press for fixes at Hopkinton's Center School

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