Sunday, February 10, 2013

Half-way through training plan - week 9 report

Today marks the half-way point in my training for the Boston Marathon, fundraising for SPEAC and raising awareness for special education.  The snow storm delayed the normal Saturday run by a day; I completed the week with an early Sunday morning run through Hopkinton streets still patchy with snow and ice, bringing the total to 65 miles for the week:
  • Monday, 2/4: 6.2 miles
  • Tuesday, 2/5: 15.05 miles
  • Wednesday, 2/6: 6.01 miles
  • Thursday, 2/7: 13.01 miles
  • Friday, 2/8: 8.56 miles
  • Saturday, 2/9: 0.00 (lots of snow shoveling)
  • Sunday, 2/10: 16.25 miles, with 12 miles at marathon pace
During the week, I came across this blog post, "It's Ability, Not Disability, that Matters Most," written by a woman reflecting on her differences as a child - and learning to come to terms with her differences as an adult.

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