Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Boston Marathon 2013

My finishing time was 3 hours and 8 minutes.  Very happy with the results of the race.   Over the past couple years, I have read so much great advice from experienced Boston Marathon runners, about "how to run the Boston Marathon," and all of it helped.

First, I followed a rigorous training plan. While I ran the race, all the other advice ran through my head:

  • On the first few miles of down hills, I thought of Bill Rogers' advice about starting slowly
  • Got my stride going through Framingham and Natick
  • Didn't panic through the Wellesley Hills
  • Took the benefit of the steep downhill at mile 16 without going too hard down the hill
  • Made it over the hills and took advantage of the long flat mile half way up the heartbreak hill
  • Did a quick quad check at the top of the hill, and 
  • For the final 5 miles, I gave it everything I had left, picking up the pace and allowing the enthusiasm of the spectators to bring me in -- feeling great across the finish line.

Thank you to everyone who shared in my training, contributed to my fundraising, and helped make this possible.  See you at the 2014 Boston Marathon!

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