Sunday, December 9, 2012

What is SPEAC? Hopkins Principal Explains

This week's Hopkins School Family Update featured Hopkins School Principal Greg Martineau's comments about SPEAC, reprinted here with his permission:

Each year I like to highlight SPEAC and share a little bit about SPEAC’s goal, mission, and how to join the group.  First, SPEAC is a group of dedicated parent and guardian volunteers who work with the school district to ensure that all children with special needs and learning disabilities are educated effectively.   SPEAC’s mission centers on a belief in the importance of each child’s education and that there’s always room to improve and learn.  To this end, SPEAC works to establish programs, bring in guest speakers, meet and communicate with building and district leaders, and provide community outreach programs.

During my brief  tenure at Hopkins, I have found SPEAC to be an excellent organization, with a wealth of ideas, information, and parenting experience. I’ve appreciated the group’s proactive approach and advocacy for all students.  Now, another great attribute of the group is that it’s an inclusive group; all parents are welcome to join.  In fact on their web site, they write:

SPEAC membership is open to any and all parties.  You do not have to have a child with special needs to join.  If your child, or you know a child who, has trouble reading, understanding math, has a definitive disability or an undiagnosed, but definitive presence of a disability, organizational or attention difficulties, join SPEAC to learn more about these and other areas in the developing child.

I’d encourage you, if you have not already, to take a closer look at SPEAC by visiting their website at, and signing up for their listserv communications.  Again, it’s another great Hopkinton organization that benefits students and parents.


Greg Martineau

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