Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Hopkinton Elementary School Building Committee

I am really honored to have been recommended by the Superintendent of Hopkinton Public Schools and the Hopkinton Town Manager, approved by the School Committee and appointed by the Hopkinton Board of Selectmen to serve on the new Hopkinton Elementary School Building Committee. 

What I will bring to the Elementary School Building Committee:
  • My role will be as an "at-large" representative of the interests of the people of Hopkinton. 
  • I will bring my years expereince on various town boards including land use and planning, economic development, downtown revitalization, and affordable housing. 
  • I hope to apply my professional experience in program management, process optimization, communications and market analysis, while also helping to bring together various Hopkinton constituencies to find shared interests that will help define a successful project.
  • My goal will be to ensure a process that builds public confidence and addresses the physical and educational constraints of Center School with a solution that will be embraced by the community and pass a Town Meeting vote.
You can read more about the appointment and the committee formation here:

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