Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Stu's 30k Race Results, and Week 12 Training Report

Stu's 30k Race is a famously hilly 18.6 mile run around the Wachusett Reservoir.  It's a favorite for those preparing to run the Boston Marathon, just 6 weeks away.  I ran Stu's 30k 2013 on Sunday, March 3rd - my third year in a row.  Stu's is the first indicator of how my 2013 Boston training is going, since a planned half marathon I was going to run was canceled last week due to a snow storm.

Here's what I learned at Stu's:
Stu's 30k was a great wrap-up to week 12 of marathon training, bringing the weekly total to 62 miles:
  • Monday, 2/25: 9.15 miles
  • Tuesday, 2/26: 14.25 miles
  • Wednesday, 2/27: 0 miles
  • Thursday, 2/28: 10.04 miles
  • Friday, 3/1: 7.11 miles
  • Saturday, 3/2: 3.1 miles
  • Sunday, 3/3: 18.73 miles

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